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Anchor lifting System Kit Fishing Boats Yachts Easy Anchor Lifting

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Take the strain out of anchor lifting and let your boat do the work.

This item is a length of 10mm staple rope which has a " hairy " feel
and is good to grip which is connected to a 3" - 75mm - diameter galvanised steel ring.

The anchor line needs to be put through the ring before you shoot the anchor
and the other end of the lifter clipped safely somewhere onboard
Shoot your anchor and secure as normal.
When you want to haul take the clip on the end of the lifter and clip it to a bouy
(An A1 Polyform bouy will lift approx 30lbs or an A2 will lift approx 65lbs )
To be effective the bouy you use must have enough bouyancy
to support both the anchor and the chain and the chain must weigh
more than the anchor

Motor towards the anchor in approx a 30 degree arc to avoid running over the anchor rope
and proceed slowly pulling the anchor line through the ring .
The chain will go through the ring and should counteract the weight of the anchor
and keep it on the surface under the bouy.
The bouy takes the weight of the anchor and chain as you pull in the slack rope.
Sounds more complicated than it actually is !!
Fisherman in the Channel Islands have used this device for years with great success
and it is so cheap and easy to construct.
I supply :- the lifter rope + the ring + a clip for bouy attachment .
You supply :- the anchor rope ,the anchor,the chain and the bouy ( and the boat ) !!

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